The good, bad and ugly of being a designer!

Shyam Adhikari
3 min readJan 29, 2020


Designer’s Motivation

This article might be boring!

Because here I am talking about how I got into the design and information industry.

After completing high school, I was clueless; I don’t know what to do next. I stayed at home for two months doing absolutely nothing, and then I got a chance to work in a school for three months as a computer teacher. Believe me, teaching is one of the hardest things to do. Then I got really interested in computers and saw the bright side of it.

Still, I don’t know what to do with my life. Then, after searching a few things on the internet about graphic design and its scope, I took the basic course on design. That was solely for print design and print-related topics, which includes very little about web and app design.

After completing the basics, I started to search for job openings in design, and fortunately, I got one at Impact IT. In the very beginning of my professional career, I didn’t know about UI/UX design and why it matters for the success of a product. To be honest, I started working just to make some money.

After working for 3 months, I was promoted as an employee at Impact IT. It was great to work and learn new things. I worked as a designer on web app UI/UX, photo and video editing, web frontend development, print design, and social media promotions. It was a huge opportunity for me to learn.

After working there for 2 years I switched the company and joined an American based startup now I am completely focused on web and app UI/UX

I am enjoying what I do, and I see a lot of perspectives in UI and UX.

Am I talking too much about myself?

Let’s change the topic!

And get to the point, which our article heading supports.

The very good of being a designer

  1. You are free to do experiments.
  2. Increased analytical and reasoning skills.
  3. You are a unicorn if you can code too!
  4. Getting to know a lots of new technologies and tools.
  5. You can even work remotely and at your own convenience.



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