The good, bad and ugly of being a designer!

Shyam Adhikari
3 min readJan 29, 2020
Designer’s Motivation

This article might be boring!

Because here I am talking about how I got into the design and information industry.

After completing high school, I was clueless; I don’t know what to do next. I stayed at home for two months doing absolutely nothing, and then I got a chance to work in a school for three months as a computer teacher. Believe me, teaching is one of the hardest things to do. Then I got really interested in computers and saw the bright side of it.

Still, I don’t know what to do with my life. Then, after searching a few things on the internet about graphic design and its scope, I took the basic course on design. That was solely for print design and print-related topics, which includes very little about web and app design.

After completing the basics, I started to search for job openings in design, and fortunately, I got one at Impact IT. In the very beginning of my professional career, I didn’t know about UI/UX design and why it matters for the success of a product. To be honest, I started working just to make some money.

After working for 3 months, I was promoted as an employee at Impact IT. It was great to work and learn new things. I worked as a designer on web app UI/UX, photo and video editing, web frontend development, print design, and social media promotions. It was a huge opportunity for me to learn.

After working there for 2 years I switched the company and joined an American based startup now I am completely focused on web and app UI/UX

I am enjoying what I do, and I see a lot of perspectives in UI and UX.

Am I talking too much about myself?

Let’s change the topic!

And get to the point, which our article heading supports.

The very good of being a designer

  1. You are free to do experiments.
  2. Increased analytical and reasoning skills.
  3. You are a unicorn if you can code too!
  4. Getting to know a lots of new technologies and tools.
  5. You can even work remotely and at your own convenience.
  6. Being a designer helps me see things a bit differently. For example, when you walk on the streets or travel by bus and you see hoarding, flexes, posters, banners, etc, you imagine a different version of it and form different creative ideas for it.
  7. Last but not least, if you are addicted to using laptops and mobile devices, it’s the right match for you (just kidding).

Every coin has two sides, right?

Let’s talk about the ugly of being designer

  1. You will find people asking you to do free work (logo design, photo editing, etc.). I strongly recommend saying no to free work.
  2. They think designer can do all at a same time (UI, UX, print, posters, cards etc.)
  3. Your back may hurt badly after sitting in the same chair for hours.
  4. You are soon going to need a power lens.
  5. Salary pay is slightly lower than the developer’s, but that doesn’t always apply. It depends on your level of expertise.

So this is my short story about being a designer. I hope this gives you some insight into the design industry.

Good design is good mood

Happy designing!!!!



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