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  • Luiza Jarovsky

    Luiza Jarovsky

    Lawyer, Ph.D. Candidate and Mother of 3.

  • Tech-Based Teaching Editor

    Tech-Based Teaching Editor

    Tech-Based Teaching is all about computational thinking, edtech, and the ways that tech enriches learning. Want to contribute? Reach out to

  • Austin Kocher, PhD

    Austin Kocher, PhD

    I study America’s immigration enforcement system. Assistant Professor at TRAC. Graduate of OSU Geography. Online at

  • Hyperakt


    We collaborate with nonprofits to design brands that resonate and unlock impact from the inside out.

  • Mindy Stern

    Mindy Stern

    Screenwriter. Essayist. Novelist. Adoptee.

  • István Jakab

    István Jakab

    UI/UX Designer at Halcyon Mobile, Software Developer and a Regular Guy interested in everyday things (science, religion and all)

  • Brandon Anderson

    Brandon Anderson

    Sports, NBA, NFL, TV, culture. Words at Action Network. Also SI's Cauldron, Sports Raid, BetMGM, Grandstand Central, Sports Pickle, others @wheatonbrando ✞

  • Robert A Stribley

    Robert A Stribley

    Writer. Photographer. UXer. Creative Director. Interests: immigration, privacy, human rights, design. UX: Publicis Groupe. Teach: SVA. Aussie/American. He/him.

  • Harry Ven

    Harry Ven

    Enabling mind conversations that matter at Tech enabled extended cognition .

  • Jessamyn West

    Jessamyn West

    Rural tech geek. Librarian resistance member. Collector of mosses. Enjoyer of postcards. ✉️ box 345 05060 ✉️ &

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